Kristen Robinson

Preschool Teacher


Remote Teaching – Let’s Do This!

Packets were mailed out to you that will cover the rest of the month of April. Please let me know if you did not receive your packet

Miss Lisa and I will personally deliver the packet for May on the 4th. We will let you know what time we will be by so you can wave to us!

Please continue to check our Class Dojo for photos, quick lessons, and stories.

Our YouTube channel has instruction that you can follow along with our suggested daily lesson plans and activities. You may go there for story time as well!

The link is found here

Copy and paste and it will take you to the right place!

Daily Schedule:

Monday Math/Music Day – Practice your math skills. Watch our Class Dojo lessons each Monday for fun math activities. I will also post a song for you to learn to sing at home for your family!

Tuesday Language Arts/Library – Learn new vocabulary words that go along with our theme. I will post a new poem for you to share with others. Join us for our Zoom library time.

Wednesday – Alphabet Awareness/PE – Review the alphabet by watching our Fundations video and have fun with with the activities for you to do at home. Look for our PE video so you can move your body. Yoga or Go Noodle silly fun.

Thursday – Science/Art – Complete your art lesson and be creative. Our Class Dojo has instruction for a science project that you can do at home!

The weekly lesson plans are designed to go along with the daily YouTube videos and materials that have been sent to you! Have fun and do what you can!

Zoom Conferencing:

Join us Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays for some whole group time. Invites will be sent to our Class Dojo message center. I will allow you into our group and close the group at 9:05.

Schedule for 4/27:

Monday at 9:00 – Hot Wheel Party! Create an awesome hot wheel track and get out your favorite cars and zoom along with your friends!

Tuesday at 9:00 – Library Time and Comedy Hour. Plan to share your favorite joke with your classmates…knock knock or other!

Friday at 9:00 – Unicorn Tea Party. Get your rainbow on for a virtual tea party with your friends. Bring your sunshine!


For May:

I will be scheduling 1:1 instruction for each child. Please send along a time that is best for you or a time that WILL NOT work. I will meet for some face time for a short activity!