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Parley's Park Elementary

Kristen Robinson - Preschool Teacher

  • Kristen Robinsen

    Kristen Robinsen
    Preschool Teacher


    Welcome to our Class – The Sensational Super Heroes!

    Miss Katy and I are excited for a new school year!

    We look forward to learning about your children and having you become our partner in education together.

    A typical day in our class includes lots of learning through play-based activities. We will have plenty of outdoor time where the Super Heroes can play freely using the skills they have learned in the classroom. We need to shout out to our PTA and the PCEF for providing amazing things for our playground this past school year. We have huge legos, stepping stones, snow shoes and sleds!

    We are excited to share that we will have new equipment added to our playground with more safety features and more area added to explore and play. Space for outdoor snack time, exploring nature and riding bikes.

    Children learn social skills best through real-life scenarios and play opportunities with their peers. To learn effective social skills, children need plenty of opportunities to freely engage with other children. Recess, if long enough, offers an ideal environment to practice these skills. We strive to provide this experience for your children. Our outdoor program includes sensory play, building, climbing, art activities, and using loose parts to explore.

    The full day program includes a morning routine that includes 4 rotations at tables/centers, snack, brain break, lunch, and rest time followed by a long enriched outdoor activity.

    The afternoon program includes 2 rotations reteaching concepts learned in the morning,”specialist” time, snack, and outdoor play to end our day.

    Our daily schedule with a focus on:

    Monday – Math and Music – the two are linked

    Our morning program has a strong focus on activities exploring simple math concepts: shapes, patterns, number recognition and more. Our afternoon activities will be all about learning traditional songs, dancing, singing and learning the names of instruments. We are a marching band too!

    Tuesday – Literacy and Language  Skills

    We will talk a lot this year. We will “push in and pull out” vocabulary to enhance pre-reading skills. We will explore authors, literature, and genres for our afternoon program. Activities will include online readings of fun stories for our library time from a program called VOOKS. We read, read, read in our class. We tie in story retell activities during centers and at the work tables.

    Wednesday – Alphabet Knowledge – working on our letter of the week

    Hands on activities and the letter bucket show and tell. We will build letters using different materials and explore writing strokes. The afternoon program will incorporate PE in the class/outside for the afternoon – yoga and obstacle courses – fun activities to shake out the sillies, build gross motor skills, work on balance, and body awareness.

    Thursday – Science and Art Activities – Integrating art and science for inquiring minds

    We love to observe, test, and make predictions. We like to get our hands dirty! We will build circuits, explore density, magnets and “explode” volcanoes. Expect a lot of art work coming home as well: self portraits and directed drawing activities to promote fine motor and pre-writing skills. For afternoon fun, we watch Mystery Doug videos to nurture our curious scientists!

    Please be sure to accept our Class Dojo invite where we will share photos, videos and important information. We will also share information quarterly about your child’s progress in the program.