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Daren Houck
Jobana Gertz
Christine Evans
Shannon Corcoran
School Nurse
Laura Waugaman
Jenny Wojcikowski
Social Worker
Alane Gaspari
Intervention Specialist
Joe Demers
Instructional Coach
Alisa Oakley
Intervention Specialist
Holly Ray
ELL instructional coach
Cassandra Barboza
Community Outreach
Lisa Hebert
Education Technology Specialist
Shannon Allen
Maker Space Teacher
Kim Quapp
Technology Instructional Coach/ Coding

Preschool & Kindergarten

Angela Edwards
Preschool Teacher
Kristen Robinson
Preschool Lead Teacher


Welcome to our Class!

Miss Katy and I are excited to be at school! Thank you for sharing your children with us this year!

A typical day in our class includes lots of learning through play based activities. We have plenty of time outdoor time where they can play freely without the restrictions we have needed to implement indoors.

Children learn social skills best through real-life scenarios and play opportunities with their peers. They quickly learn that whining doesn't work with friends and that they don't always get what they want. To learn effective social skills, children need plenty of opportunities to freely engage with other children. Recess, if long enough, offers an ideal environment to practice these skills.

Daily schedule with a focus on:

Monday - Math and Music - learning traditional songs and names of instruments. We are a marching band too!

Tuesday - Literacy and Language  Skills. Online reading of fun stories for our library time. We read, read, read in our class.

Wednesday - Alphabet Knowledge - working on our letter of the week and PE in the class/outside - yoga and obstacle courses - fun activities to shake out the sillies

Thursday - Science and Art Activities - Integrating art and science for inquiring minds. We love to observe and watch Mystery Doug videos! The best.


I do have a YouTube channel listed below. There are fun readings and lessons from last year! Please check it out!

Sasha Borba
Kindergarten Teacher
Amy McGarr
Kindergarten Teacher
Tricia Perkins
Kindergarten Teacher
Katelin Gortat
Kindergarten Teacher

First Grade

Kara Cook
First Grade Dual Immersion Teacher
Amanda West
First Grade Teacher
Molly Alden-Rabenau
First Grade Dual Immersion Teacher - Spanish
Lynn Rowe
First Grade Teacher

Second Grade

Melissa Bott
Second Grade Teacher
Nayeli Serrato
Second Grade Dual Immersion Spanish Teacher
Kristina Hoeksema
Second Grade Teacher
Kassie Deckard
Second Grade Dual Immersion Teacher - English

Third Grade

Carolyn Jackson
Third Grade Teacher
Vicky Rudolph
Third Grade Dual Immersion Spanish Teacher
Mr. Albright
Third Grade Dual Immersion Teacher
Kathleen Tarmina
Third Grade Teacher

Fourth Grade

Jessica Pitcher
Fourth Grade Dual Immersion Teacher
Emily Epstein
Fourth Grade Teacher
John Howard
Fourth Grade Teacher
Jennifer Shane
Fourth Grade Teacher
Jill Taylor
Fourth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade

LeAnn Rocchi
Fifth Grade Teacher - Remote Learning
Kelly Crandall
Fifth Grade Teacher- Remote Learning
Renee Perry
Fifth Grade Teacher
Maestra Irlanda Lamoureux
Fifth Grade Dual Immersion Spanish Teacher
Stephanie Pearce
Fifth Grade Teacher
Richard Rasband
Fifth Grade Teacher
Aaron Webb
Music Specialist
Julie Holland
Melissa Holm
BTSALP Dance Specialist
Jen Wheelwright
Physical Education Teacher
Ashley Irwin
Speech Pathologist
Shannon Allen
Maker Space Teacher
Melissa Allen
Art Specialist
Cassie Olson
Special Education
Brian Lowe-Kretschmar
Special Education
Kim Quapp
Technology Instructional Coach/ Coding