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Parley's Park Elementary

PACE (Gifted and Talented)


Katy McCombs

Katy McCombs - PACE teacher
High Achieving and Gifted Education Specialist
Parley’s Park Elementary

Welcome Letter 23-24 



Open Disclosure Information:

MTSS Tier II gifted Learner

Levels of Service

LEVEL I SERVICES: All Learners (Grades K-5)

•The PACE Specialist will serve as a resource for all K-5 classroom teachers to support the planning of complex learning experiences and differentiated lessons.

•The PACE Specialist will provide Friday STEM enrichment classes on a rotational basis for all students in grades 2-5.

•Weekly whole class creativity and critical thinking lessons are taught to all students in grades K-1.

LEVEL II SERVICES: High Achieving/High Ability Learners (Grades 2-5)

•The PACE Specialist will direct enrichment programs such as Online Math League, Wordmasters, National Geographic Geography Bee, and Debate.

•The PACE Specialist, in collaboration with the classroom teacher, will provide small group concurrent advanced instruction for high ability learners using flexible groupings based on pre-assessment and specific content mastery.

LEVEL III SERVICES: Highly Gifted Learners (Grades 3-5)

•PACE Specialist will provide a weekly pull-out class for identified students using advanced content and in-depth studies of major themes, ideas, and problems.

•Students will be cluster grouped with other identified gifted children.

•Students will have Differentiated Learning Plans.


“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.”
Matt Biondi

Amazing people you might be surprised about…..

  • Dr. Robert Jarvick (artificial heart inventor) was rejected by 15 American medical schools.
  • John F. Kennedy (35th U.S. President) received “poor achievement” grades in school and was a lousy speller.
  • Beethoven (composer) had a music teacher who described him as “hopeless”.
  • Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy star) was advised by the drama school teacher to “try another profession.”
  • Orville Wright (aviation pioneer) was expelled from sixth grade.