COVID-19 Cases at PPES

New for 2011Vaccinations for children ages 5-11 can be scheduled by clicking here

COVID Testing for Students and Staff

Additional COVID Information

Parley's Park Mask Mandate

.Summit County Health Department has informed PPES that Public Health Order (2021-01) will continue at the school effective Monday, November 15, 2021 through November 29, 2021. This means that students must meet one of the following criteria to be in school:

    • ○  Wear a face mask or face shield (both are allowed).
    • ○  Participate in schooling from home using the school’s LMS to access CORE lessons (ELA and Math).
    • ○  Complete and provide mask exemption paperwork completed by a qualified medical professional. We appreciate your cooperation and compliance with the order. We will continue masking and mitigation to keep all students, staff, and administrative staff as healthy and safe as possible as we continue to navigate the pandemic together. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 435-645-5620.

El Departamento de Salud del Condado de Summit ha informado a PPES que la Orden de Salud Pública (2021-01)  continuará en la escuela a partir del lunes 15 de noviembre de 2021 hasta noviembre 29, 2021.

  • Esto significa que los estudiantes deben cumplir con uno de los siguientes criterios para estar en la escuela:
  • Use una mascarilla o protector facial (ambos están permitidos).
  • Participe en la educación desde casa utilizando el LMS de la escuela para acceder a las lecciones CORE (ELA y matemáticas). Complete y proporcione la documentación de exención de mascarillas completada por un profesional médico calificado.

COVID vaccine for 5-11-year-olds.

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Open Disclosures for 5th grade / DIVULGACIÓN ABIERTA

Calendar 2021-22Calendar 2021-22

Back to School Health Reminders // Recordatorios de las enferme

Back to School Health RemindersRecordatorios de las enferme

Let's Connect // Conectemonos

Let's ConnectLet's Connect

Kindergarten Virtual Orientation

Save the Date!
PPES Kindergarten Virtual Orientation

Kindergarten Enrollment

Park City School District’s Kindergarten Enrollment WILL BEGIN ONLINE for the 2021-22 school year on MARCH 1st.

Students must live in the Park City School District Boundary to enroll. Use this link to check which is your boundary school: PCSD School Site Locator

Students must be 5 years old on or befo­re September 1.

You will need the following required documents to upload during the online enrollment:

  1. Student’s Birth Certificate.
  2. Student’s Immunization Record (your student will not be able to attend unless they are current on all required immunizations or have an Immunization Waiver on file with the district.) IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS
  3. Proof of Residency Requirement Form, with 3 forms of approved Proof of Residency. PROOF OF RESIDENCY FORM
  4. Completed Vision Screen Form. VISION SCREENING CERTIFICATE
  5. Custody Documentation (if parents are divorced or the child is not living with a parent.) GUARDIANSHIP



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Illness / COVID-19 Guidelines

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Illness Guidelines

  • Parents should check their student(s) for symptoms daily
  • Parents should keep their child home from school if he or she feels sick or has symptoms of COVID-19
  • Symptoms of COVID-19 include, but are not limited to:
    • Cough and/or shortness of breath
    • Fever of 100.4 or greater, chills or sweating
    • Sore throat
    • Muscle aches/pains or fatigue
    • Decrease in sense of taste or smell
    • Upset stomach, nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea
    • Runny nose or congestion
    • Headache
  • Due to the current pandemic, we will be dismissing ANY students presenting with any of the above listed symptoms, unless the student has a current Health Care Plan in place related to the complaint.
  • Parents of ill students may be encouraged to have their student seen by their health care provider, who will then determine if testing is warranted.
  • In accordance with the guidance provided by the Utah Department of Health, we ask that students dismissed due to ANY illness-like symptom remain home until 24-hours symptom free, without the use of medication. For those with additional symptoms, we encourage students to remain home until 72-hours symptom free.

Positive Cases in the School: 

  • The Health Department notifies the school of ANY positive cases and the school then provides instructions to those who may have potentially been exposed.
  • A school may disclose that someone at the school tested positive for COVID-19, as long as the facts alone or in combination with other information released, do not identify the person.
  • “Contact Tracing in the Schools” will be completed by the school nurse in coordination with the teachers.


  • Your student may be asked to quarantine for 10 days if we recognize that he/she was exposed to COVID-19. This means your student was in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. Close contact means you were closer than 6 feet from someone who has the virus for 15 minutes or more. **As of January 2021, only those with MASKLESS exposure will be required to quarantine. The quarantine does NOT apply to the student’s siblings unless the student becomes symptomatic.
  • Students asked to quarantine are afforded the option to Test-to-Return early on day 7, should they choose. Students must provide negative test results NO earlier than 7 days after the known exposure to utilize this option. I.e. if your student was exposed on Tuesday, they may test on and return the following Tuesday.

*Please use healthATTEND to report illnesses and absences. This will help us monitor not only what’s happening inside the school, but what is happening outside, as well. This information will help us remain ahead of not only COVID-like symptoms, but the variety of other illnesses we see in the school in an effort to help keep our students healthy. Parents received instructions on how to set up their healthATTEND account during the second week of school. If you need any help, please reach out to the front office or school nurse. Please visit and select Parent Portal in the top right corner, followed by Create an Account, if you have not already done so.

Connectivity issue (laptop is not getting the correct time)

The primary issue we are seeing with elementary laptops is that if they were not charged when they got home, the correct time will not sync using the home wifi network. To solve this issue:

  • Come back to any district school with the laptop, park outside, and just reboot the computer.
  • Once the computer is reconnected to the school wifi (PCSD-Secure 20/21), the time issue will be corrected.
  • As long as the computer stays charged at home, they should not have the problem again so it is important to keep the laptop charged.

Lunch Recess Rules and Expectations / Reglas y expectativas para el almuerzo y el recreo

Parent PowerSchool Access

Parent PowerSchool Access

To set up a Parent PowerSchool Account, parents will need their student’s parent access ID and password. (This information is mailed home the first week of September.) Parents can link all of their students to one Parent Account, all you need is the parent access ID and password for each of your students. For instructions, see the Parent Single Sign-On Instruction Sheet.

If you lose, or didn’t receive, your Parent Account set-up instructions, contact the school. For security reasons, we will not give out account information by phone, fax, or email. Logins can be picked up in person or mailed to the home address we have on file. PowerSchool logins are reset every summer to protect your privacy.

With a Parent PowerSchool Account, parents will have access to a special Email Notifications page where they can sign up for automatic progress reports. Because of this exclusive feature, it is highly recommended that parents keep their account ID and password confidential and not share it with their student. Students get their own ID and password when they pick up their laptop.

How to sign up for PowerSchool Email Notifications

How to Sign Up for PowerSchool Notifications
Cómo registrarse para recibir notificaciones de PowerSchool

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