Dawn Rametta

1st Grade

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Notes and Reminders:


Please see the weekly letters sent home on Mondays. These letters list the theme (The Big Idea) for each anthology/book. Each anthology  contains 5 weeks of stories. The "Essential Question" for the week and all the skills we are working on are included in the weekly letters, as well as the new "Words to Know". These words are our new sight words for the week. The letter also includes some activities that you can do with your student, at home, to support their school learning 
We are using the MY Math textbook. Daily homework assignments provide parents with information on what we are learning in the classroom and how these strategies are being taught.
Students participate daily in a "Writers Workshop". Each day our workshop includes a 10 minute focus lesson, time to write, and time to share stories with their peers. Students go through the 5 step writing process as they plan, write, revise, edit  and publish their written work . They are introduced to the 6 traits that writers use to make their writing more effective.      



From time to time your child may bring home a project from school and you find yourself thinking, "What is it?" It is important to remember that your child is in school to learn to do things on their own. Ask them to tell you about their work and if possible give them a place to display it. Help your child develop an appreciation of self and the unique qualities of their work. Watch how their work develops as the year progresses. It's exciting!

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