Shannon Corcoran

We appreciate the opportunity to be a School Nurse for the Park City School District. Our goal for your children is to keep them healthy and provide preventive health measures in the schools. Gina Agy RN is the school nurse for the PCHS, TMS, Learning Center, Anne Alexander RN is the school nurse for EHMS, and TSES, Kirsten Brotherson RN is the school nurse for JRES and MPES, Shannon Corcoran RN is the school nurse for PPES and Preschools. Together, we focus on working with all schools to meet the health needs of PCSD students.
Thank you

The following list includes information that maybe helpful.

FLU INFO: A Flu Guide For Parents


IMMUNIZATIONS: Utah Immunization Rule for Students R396-100. In order to attend school, a student must have proof of receiving the following immunizations:


  • 1 Varicella (Chicken Pox) first dose on or after 1st birthday or history of having chicken pox disease, parents sign verification on pink card.
  • 3 Hepatitis B
  • 2 Hepatitis A
  • 5 Dtp (4 if the 4th given after 4th Birthday)
  • 4 Polio (3 if 3rd given after 4th birthday)
  • 2 MMR- the 1st dose must be given after the 1st Birthday

A student may be exempt from immunizations for medical or personal beliefs. Exemption forms are available at the Summit County Health Department and must be hand delivered to your school.

Please note In the event of an outbreak students who have claimed an exemption or are on conditional enrollment and have not received the immunization for which there is an outbreak must be excluded from school until outbreak is over

Students must file an Asthma Self Administration form to they carry an inhaler at school. This must be submitted and signed by health care provider annually.

Students must file an Epinephrine Authorization Form to they carry or store an Epi-Pen at school. This must be signed by health care provider annually. Food Allergic students requesting an Epi pen or other medications at school must also file an Allergy Action Plan. This form is found on the district website or at your school front office. This form must be signed by health care provider and parent annually.

Please read the policy on District Webpage if your student requires medication at school. All forms can be found at this link. MEDICATION

A Vision Screening is required for children entering kindergarten. Vision Screening at Elementary schools takes place in grades K, 1,2, 3, and 5 and is done in the Fall. If a concern is noted a letter will be sent in the mail recommending an eye exam.

Maturation Classes take place in 5th grade and parents are welcome to attend. The class is based on A Proctor and Gamble Maturation Program called Always Changing. You are welcome to preview material.

Health Care Plans are needed if your child has a medical concern. Contact your School Nurse to discuss concerns. It is a parent or guardian’s responsibility to discuss medical concerns with all their student’s teachers and specialists.

Please file at enrollment a pink “Health Information” form. This ensures that we have the most recent health , allergy, and contact information in the event of an emergency. Please notify the school of any changes as soon as they occur.