Parley's Park Elementary School
Parley's Park Elementary School

Laura Waugaman



Hello! I am proud to be the Guidance Counselor at PPES. This is my 18th year working in the Park City School District and my 14th year at PPES. Before working as a school counselor, I worked in Children’s Mental Health as a Child and Family Therapist. As a School Counselor I provide individual and group counseling as requested by parents. The counseling I provide is brief, solution focused, and strengths based. I also teach Life Skills Classes at PPES. I meet every other week with the first grade and second grade groups for 45 min on the A through F Specialist rotation. I meet with 3rd, 4th and 5th graders once a month. In addition to being fun, teaching Life Skills classes provides me an opportunity to get to know all students in the school.
I also supervise Kinder, First, Second,and Third grade lunch recesses and Fourth and Fifth as needed. Mr. Gomez joins us as often as possible. I work to keep our playground a safe environment for all students. I provide hands on life skills where we practice conflict resolution skills. I assist students who need help making friends and need help developing social skills. It is also a great time for me to follow up with students regarding various issues. Students practice being Friends on The Watch (see parent video link below). This is a school wide bully prevention program. The program teaches students to identify bully situations and what to do. Upstanders are encouraged to intervene if possible or report the situation immediately. We work to help bullies feel better about themselves and to develop positive and healthy relationships. We also work to empower victims to no longer be targets and we help these students develop assertive skills so that they may set healthy boundaries. During Life Skills classes we role-play bully situations and we practice how to be a Friend on The Watch. This school wide program encourages all students to take responsibility in keeping our school a safe place for all students

Other duties I support Mr. Gomez with 504 plans as a case manager, and administrative duties when he is out of the building. I manage job market program for 4th and 5th graders. I also manage (with a parent volunteer) student council for 5th graders. My greatest goals at PPES are to help students identify their strengths, feel a sense of belonging, and to feel special so that they may be successful in and out of school. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or e-mail me or stop by my office. I feel extremely lucky to be a part of the PPES community!


Counseling Delivery System
Laura Waugaman, PPES

Collaborative Classroom Instruction
35-45% time
Life Skills Classes Provided for:
3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes 1 time a month
1st and 2nd grade every other specialist rotation
Kindergarten life skills as needed
Special Life Skills class include Child Abuse Prevention given by Peace House and Recycle Utah
Whole School Assembly: Internet Safety
Bully Prevention: Friends on The Watch, every student in school signs the pledge, Reporting slips
Recess Social Skills:
Every day serving all students providing social skills, conflict resolution, and empathy which includes the Buddy Bench.

Plan for College and Career Readiness
5-10 % of time
Parent – Teacher Conferences (SEOP) 2 times a year, Counselor attends as needed
Individual Education Plans teaming as needed
Job Market for 4th and 5th Grade Students
5th Grade Academic Counseling for students with D/F in power school during the school year. With this group of 5th graders, I provide counseling and tracking.
5th Grade Exit Interview for all 5th graders that includes Career planning.
Career Development Activity, Job Market for 4th and 5th grade students.
5th Grade Student Council

Systemic approach to dropout prevention:
30-40% of time
Letter home for 1st grade through 5th grades including counseling needs assessment.
Whole School Crisis Response
Social Work Requested by Parnets
Individual Brief Counseling as Requested by Parents
Small Group Classes includes: Divorce, Grief, Complex Grief, Attention/Focus, Worry, Anger, Sad and Lonely, Friendship, and ELL social skills. Last year served 45 students providing 10 groups. To date this year serving 56 students and 11 groups in process.
Student Requested Counseling: Informal counseling for friendship problems, students sign board on Counselors door.
Behavior Plans, work with classroom teacher, and team administering and monitoring behavior plans.
Parent Meetings as requested.
Collaborate with outside providers.
School based therapy provided by Peace House and Valley Behavioral Health.
5th Grade Transition meetings to Ecker Middle School.

Administration of Program and non-school counseling activities
10-15% of Time

Assist Mr. Gomez with 504 case management
Assist Principal as needed
Teacher Training as requested
District Wide Counselor Team Meetings
Community support, currently a member of the Suicide Task Force and Connect.

2013-2014 Life Skills curriculum topics for grades 1-5

First Grade:

One: Emily Breaks free, lesson about Friends On The Watch

Two: What is Poison, Substance Abuse Prevention

Three: Good Words for a Bad Mood

Four: Child Abuse Prevention with the Peace House

Five: Review child Abuse Prevention.  Complete yearly survey then watch Stranger Safety

Six: Managing Stress

Seven: Healthy Eating and Disease Prevention

Eight: Food Pyramid and healthy eating.

Nine: Review Friends on the watch.  Watch Sooper Puppy, Words can hurt.

Ten: Sooper Puppy, What’s the Difference (Tolerance Lesson).

Elevan: Careers



Second Grade

One: Friends on The Watch (Bully Prevention)

Two:Becoming a new moose, Substance Abuse

Three: What is Empathy

Four: Child Abuse Prevention given by Peace House

Five: Review Child Abuse Prevention, complete survey, then watch Stranger Safety

Six: Managing Stress

Seven: Food Pyramid and healthy eating

Eight: Career Awareness

Ten: Review of all topics.  Trevor Romain, If you don’t take care of your body where else are you going to live?



Third Grade

September: Ciques, Phonies, and other Baloney, Friends on The Watch

October: Substance Abuse with a focus on Tobacco

November: Child Abuse Prevention given by Peace House

December: Complete bully survey, Review Child Abuse Prevention then Internet Safety

January: Managing Stress and Peer Pressure (refusal Skills)

February: Career Awareness


April: No Life Skills class, Project Based Learning

May: Review of year.  Job Market for next year.



Fourth Grade

September: Friends on The Watch, Job Market, and Holland Inventory (matching personality with Career)

October: A Different kind of High, Substance Abuse, Strengths Inventory and review of Holland Inventory

November: Child Abuse Prevention, Peace House

December: Complete Bully Survey, Tolerance, watch the movie, Victor

January: Managing Stress and Refusal Skills

February: Holland Inventory, Matching personality to career

March: Celebrating Differences

April: To be announced (Depending upon needs)

May: Review of year.  Student Council next year.  Job Market applications


Fifth Grade

September: Introduction, Holland Inventory matching careers with your personality, and goal setting

October: Substance Abuse, It Won’t Happen to Me

November: Child Abuse Prevention given by Peace House

December: Complete Bully Survey and then address body image and why this is important for an adolescent

January: QPR (Question, Persuade, and Refer). Suicide Prevention given by Valley Behavioral Health

February: Managing Stress and Peer Pressure

March: Surviving Middle School

April: Think Before You Click (Internet Safety)

may: Exit Interview with Mrs. Waugaman

NOTE: There will be a maturation program at the end of the year.  Boys and Girls meet separately to learn about their changin bodies during adolescence.




Laura and her family have lived in Park City for 20 years.  Laura was born and raised in Guilford, Ct.  She enjoys traveling to Ct. every summer to visit extended family and spend time on her family beach.  She attended Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, Ct where she received a BS in Psychology.  She then attended the college of New Rochelle where she received a MS is Art Therapy.  Laura did her on-site training for undergraduate and graduate school at Yale New Haven Hospital.  She has worked at the Crisis Intervention Program in Standford, Ct working with the adult menally ill adult population.  She then managed a group home, Project Return in Westport, Ct for adolescent girls who have experience trauma and or mental health issues.    She was married in 1991 and then moved to Bellingham, Wa. where she worked as a child and family therapist at Catholic Community Mental Health services for Children.  She became certificified as a Child Mental Health Specialist for the state of Wa. Laura moved to Utah in 1998.  She worked at The Children’s Center as a Child Familty therapist before starting her work for the PCSD.  Laura is a liscensed Clinical Mental Health Clinician and she has a Level 2 Professional Education Liscense for the State of Utah.  She was hired in 1999 as Intervention Specialist for the School District and then transfered to Parley’ Park Elementary School.  Laura enjoys spending time with her family skiing and enjoying all the great music provided by Mt. Town Stages.  She also enjoys fine arts and crafts.