Parley's Park Elementary School
Parley's Park Elementary School

Lana Youngberg

Welcome To Mrs. Youngberg’s Kindergarten Class!

Our goal is to provide engaging learning activities in Language Arts/Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Technology to help each student progress in a fun and safe classroom community. We establish high expectations and organized routines along with lots of praise and encouragement. We try to provide plentiful exploration and cooperative learning opportunities along with differentiated instruction and projects.

We use the following programs along with other engaging resources for our learning activities in whole and small group (centers) settings  to meet the objectives of the Kindergarten Common Core Standards:


Shared Reading
Guided Leveled Reading
Words Their Way Picture/Letter/Sound/Word Sorts
Six Traits + 1 Creative Writing Process
Zaner-Bloser Manuscript Print

My Math

Online iReady Literacy and Math Programs

iPads and Computer Lab Technology

Kindergarten Skills To Practice At Home:

Please help your Kindergartner practice skills at home. Some links to excellent online learning activities and games are listed below and can also be accessed from our school web page by clicking on “Student Links”. Here are some ideas that would be helpful for practice throughout the year:

Reading: Read a variety of stories with your student each day for at least 15 minutes. Ask your student to retell the events of the story (fiction/fantasy) or identify things that they learned (non-fiction/informational text). Ask questions about the story for comprehension and also allow your student to identify high frequency words (“sight words”) that they may know (such as I, the, see, to, go, is, in, etc.) along with easy CVC words that they can decode or “sound out” (consonant-vowel-consonant words like mat, cat, pan, man, run, big, etc. also known as “Word Family Words”). You could even have your student practice blending and segmenting the letter sounds they hear in words: “What word does /c/ /a/ /t/ make?” (cat).  OR “Tell me the sounds in dog.” /d/ /o/ /g/

Handwriting: Have your student practice writing the capital & lower case letters and numbers from 1 to at least 20, starting at the TOP with proper pencil grip. Names should be written with a capital letter first followed by lower case letters (John not JOHN).

Creative Writing: Help your student come up with an idea to draw and write about each day. Our goal is to write at least one sentence, beginning with a capital letter and ending with a period, exclamation point, or question mark (conventions) along with proper spacing between words (one or two fingers). We use a rubric (proper writing goals) to help us see how we are doing.

Math: Practice counting by 1’s and 10’s to 100. Help your student understand Number Sense (for example, that “3” means 3 objects). Help your student count objects. Draw “Number Stories” with “Number Sentences” (equations) using symbols to represent objects. (Example: “I had 3 cookies and my friend gave me 2 more. How many cookies do I have altogether?” 3 + 2 = 5 OR “I had 7 cookies and I ate 2. How many cookies are left?” 7 – 2 = 5). Use a pair of dice to play “Roll ‘Em” (toss the dice, count the dots to add together, and write the “Number Sentence”). We also learn about measurement and classifying objects along with geometry (2- and 3-dimensional shapes – plane and solid).

Social Studies & Science: We learn about getting along with each other as we build our classrom community and who our community helpers are.  We also learn about our five senses, the four seasons, the weather, day & night, plants, and living & non-living things. We learn about animals and their coverings (fur, feathers, scales, or smooth); how they are born, grow & change; how they move (walk/run, swim, crawl, fly); and how they adapt to their surroundings. We focus on animals in our community as well as farm and zoo animals. Please help your Kindergartner notice the features of animals they see – how they are alike or different (compare and contrast).

For information on the new Utah State Kindergarten Common Core Curriculum, please see the website

Thank You!