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Maker Space


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Personal Makerspace Project

Makerspace Ideas and Inspiration:

Coding: 12 Block Challenge (5th Grade)

Coding- 5th Grade Dance Party Events/Parallelism

Dance Party- Click Here


Made with Code

Sign into Scratch at Home

  • Click on https://scratch.mit.edu/
  • Login using your login and password from school.
  • Login: 2first name first intital of last name 26
  •      Ex. KimberleeQ26
  • Password: 5 digit plus pcsd
  •      Ex. 12345pcsd
  • Once in, go to the far right by your login name and click on the drop down arrow.
  • Click on My Stuff to work on projects. 
  • Or Click on Create to create new projects on the menu bar.
  • Be sure to SAVE and SHARE.