Profile of Parley's Park Elementary

Profile of Parley's Park Elementary
Parley's Park Elementary is located in Summit County along Highway 224. It is one of four elementary schools in Park City and part of the Park City School District. It is five miles from downtown Park City. The population of Parley's Park at the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year is 566 students in kindergarten through fifth grade. We have three sections of kindergarten and four sections of all grade 1 and 5, and five sections of grades 2, 3, and 4. Our average class size is 23 students per class.
Parent involvement is second to none at Parley's! 98% of our parents attend both fall and spring Parent-Teacher Conferences. In past years, we have had over 1500 hours of parents volunteering in the classroom.
Parley's School Improvement Plan has been focusing the past three years on Reading. This year is the year of math with the advent of the new Common Core curriculum. Our Action Plan is developed to provide training to staff to improve student learning in math, and in literacy through the thoughtful use of Sheltered Instructional Observation Protocol (SIOP) strategies.
Parley's Park provides their students (K-5) the opportunity to attend classes in Physical Education, Computer Lab, Library, Music, Life Skills with our counselor and Gifted and Talented. Gifted and Talented is for grades 4 and 5. Our students also have access to a certified counselor. Students, who qualify, are provided Special Education, Remedial Reading and an ESL Program. Any student not reading on grade level, has an Intervention Plan developed just for them. Grade level teams meet approximately every six weeks to make sure students are making progress. If progress is not sufficient, a modification is made in the interventions.
Parley's Park is also the home to a Spanish Dual Immersion program. During the 2011-12 school year, we have kindergarten through third grade participating with the program. The program will grow annually, adding a grade level and 50 more students each school year. In the program, students learn content in Spanish for half a day, and in English for the other part of the day. Please see the dual immersion section of the website for more information about this program.
Teachers at Parley's go out of their way to stay current in the latest trends in education. Many of our staff are presently working in the areas of Differentiation, ESL (English as a Second Language), math endorsements and SIOP. Forty-four percent of the teachers have their Masters Degree and forty-eight percent have their credits or more over their Bachelors Degree.
The PTA at Parley's is very involved with the education of our students. They provide after school enrichment in the areas of Science, Sports and Art. They also do an incentive reading program called "Books and Beyond" for all grade levels. Twice a year they put on a book fair with some of the proceeds going to books for the teacher's classroom. They have helped our staff with the upgrading of our leveled book library, which supplements our formal reading instruction and outfitting our classrooms with Promethean smart boards and document cameras. To promote the family they have "Fall Fun Festival" each year, which is a huge fair with games, magic show, and rides. They even run our Science Fair!
Another exciting program that teaches responsibility and leadership to our students is the "Job Market". The Job Market is part of our School To Careers program. Thirty percent of our students serve the school by working as recyclers, office aides, peer mediators, safety patrol, library aides and student council.
Parley's Park is a fun place to learn.