Alane Gaspari

Grade 3


In Language Arts, we have begun our first Module on the Power of Reading. We will study how children from around the world access books. Our first focus book was Rain School and we will be reading Nasreen's Secret School this week. If you want to listen to the books with your child, it is linked below in "Whole Group Stories."

In Math, we are focusing on addition and subtraction facts and properties, place value and rounding.

Please review the Newsletter below and pictures. These documents will be emailed also.

If you are not receiving my email communications, please write me a note in your child's planner with the correct email address or contact information.

Message for those who check my Teacher Page - Write down what a digraph is with an example in your homework notebook and show me Tuesday.

Upcoming Events

September 2017
Mon, 18  Kimball Arts Presentation
Tue, 19  Kimball Arts Presentation
Thu, 21  Picture Day
October 2017
Mon, 2  Week of Parent/Teacher Conferences
Thu, 19  No School UEA
Fri, 20  No School UEA
November 2017
Tue, 14  Clark Planetarium Field Trip

Living Nonliving

Ideas and activities for home:

1. Read with your child 20 - 30 minutes daily. If you are short on books please go to and print out their free books. Look for free books leveled F and above. The public library also has wonderful selections. If your child is struggling, prompt with "first sound" for the word or ask them to show you how to tap sounds out then blend to find the word. Also, talk about context to figure out difficult words.

2.Give your child a notebook and have them write daily. You can have them summarize their reading or give them a short prompt. Have them draw a picture first including many details. This helps them develop ideas for writing.

3. Math games to play that require only a deck of cards: top-it, addition top-it, subtraction top-it and what number comes before and after. Your child should know how to play all these games.

4. There are some wonderful educational games under student links. Please have your child explore them.

5. Get outside and play!!!!

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