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Park City School District

A Message from the Parley's Park Principal

Dear Parley’s Parents,

I want to welcome you back to school. We are excited to have your students back in our classrooms and to begin this school year.

In light of the recent news regarding a previously employed teacher, I would like share some information shared by a Parley’s Parent, who is also experienced with victim support, that may be beneficial at this time.

(Submitted by a 5th grade parent)

“I know this is a difficult time for all of us and our children as we go through the emotions and figure out how to talk to our children about the allegations against Mr. Ardanaz.

I have some experience working with organizations helping children and families who have been victims of abuse, as a volunteer, board member, advocate, and employee both in Salt Lake and in Los Angeles. I don’t want to imply there was any abuse specific to our children involved, however, I think the resources on abuse can be helpful in talking about child pornography. This is an opportunity for us to talk to our children in a prevention, education focused manner.

I share this information with you from professional resources and contacts I have reached out to for help since learning of the allegations and knowing we are all struggling in how to talk to our children.

If anything did happen to a child (where the child had any knowledge, not necessarily a victim), it is common for the child to speak up during a prevention education discussion. As a parent, it is important to stay calm if a child reveals any information.

From a legal standpoint, it is important NOT to record information or do any form of investigation. We have resources with the Park City Children’s Justice Center for proper, safe interviewing that can assist children in telling their story and having that story stand up in court. Personal recordings without proper interviewing techniques can not only re-traumatize a child, they can be damaging to investigations.

I have brochures in both Spanish and English I will be dropping off at the school tomorrow.

I also have a book donated for our community “My Body’s Just For Me” – It is recommended by Good Reads and sold at

Here is a website for information about talking to children and teens regarding abuse. Although it isn’t about child pornography, it gives good examples of what is appropriate to discuss with children at different ages.

Lastly, here is the information for the Park City Children’s Justice Center: Christina Sally 435-615-3829

Let’s use this as an opportunity to talk to our children, educate and empower them.”

On behalf of Park City School District, I am impressed how our community has collaborated to find resources to help each other at this time. I thank you for your support you have given to each other. I want you to know that we will continue to be responsive in order to support our students, parents and staff over the next few months regarding this incident. This information will be available at our Open House and sent home on the first day of school.

David Gomez
Principal, Parley’s Park Elementary


*Kindergarten Parents Please Note:

If your child is not on a class list you will need to register in the Parley's Park school office. If your student was assessed last Spring or if your student is registered for the district Kinder-Connections program they are NOT automatically registered for a Kindergarten class at Parley's Park. Once ALL paperwork is completed and turned in to the school office, your child will be placed in a class. Thank you!

Weclome Back for the 2014-15 School Year

Parents, we are so excited to have your students back to school here at Parley’s Park. We will be having a Back to School Open House on August 20th from 2:30 to 3:40.

Here is the agenda for that day:

2:30- 2:50 General meeting with parents
We will have a short meeting in the gym to review:
PTA Basics
Other general information
2:50- 3:05 1st rotation- You will be able to have a short 15 minute meeting with your teacher(s). You can see the room and learn about some key information in that class. If you have more than 1 student you will be able to go to session #2 and #3 if needed. Otherwise, we thank you for taking the time to come for that brief moment.

  • Teachers will have a sign up list for parents who want to schedule a longer time to meet with the teachers, in their classrooms. They will then call or email you to set up an appointment, after school begins.

3:05- 3:20 2nd rotation

3:25- 3:40 3rd rotation

I look forward to seeing you at the open house.

Returning Student Registration for 2014-15

If your child attended school in the Park City School District this past year you will be using the Returning Student Registration form. Before you access the registration form you will need to have your child's registration code also referred to as the Snapcode. If you do not have a letter or email containing your child's code please contact the school to have it sent to you. You are encouraged to complete the registration prior to coming to the school for your child's registration time. If you do not have access to a computer please feel free to complete the registration at the school during registration. Returning students will also be required to provide Proof of Residency. These documents must be current (not more than 30 days old) and must match the address that is entered during registration.

This proof must be brought to the school on registration day in order for registration to be complete.

Please Note: If your child is attending pre school please do not use this link to register your students. You need to call Veronica Claridge to register. No pre school registrations will be accepted through this link.

Dear Parents of students registered for Kinder Connections at PPES:

I have had a request to offer an after school program for kindergarten students at Parley's Park as an addition to our (grades 1 - 5) Camp Falcon after school camp program. The after school program is held on days when school is in session, from the time school is out (3:05 or 12:30 on Friday) until 6:00 p.m. To be able to have a viable program, we would need to have nine students register and commit to full time which is Mon-Fri, $295/month.

At this time, we will compile a list of people who are definitely interested and want to commit. If we have the required number to form a K section, we will contact you and I will begin looking for a qualified teacher.

In order to be able to secure a space in the school, find a great teacher, prepare for the start of school in August, and for you to be able plan accordingly, we need to set a deadline to call/commit. This deadline is JULY 18.

Contact Alison Taylor (e mail included or call 615-0209) to be on the list. Or contact me if you would like more information.

You are welcome to tell other parents of Kindergarten students at PPES, however, they would need to be in an afternoon session of kindergarten since the program starts when the afternoon session ends.

Thank you,

Judy Tukuafu
Director of Community Education
Park City School District
Park City, Utah
(435) 615-0216


Recent News

Registration Information for New Families

Contact our Parley's Park Welcoming Committee at Welcoming Committee Webpage for a tour and basic school information. Contact main office for registration information.

Registration process includes providing secretary/registrar with the following REQUIRED documents:

  • current immunizations
  • vision screening for kindergarten students
  • proof of residency is required every year - Proof of Residency
  • guardianship papers
  • name/address/phone/fax or school last attended
  • copy of student's birth certificate

Registration is not complete until the above information is provided to the school
Once all information is received and you are living in the district, your student will be entered into our database/scheduling system

Transferring from Charters: Weilenmann School of Discovery or The Winter Sports School

Per district policy, if you currently live within the district boundary, and your student is currently attending Weilenmann School of Discovery or The Winter Sports School, and you would like them to enroll in Park City School District for the 2014-2015 school year, you must notify the district in writing no later than June 30, 2014 of your intention to enroll your student. After June 30, 2014, you must complete an Open Enrollment form at the district office, and approval will be based on space availability.


Registration for New incoming students 2014-15

Registration for new incoming students (all grades)
Starts: Wednesday, April 23rd 2014
From 9:00 am - 3:30 pm