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School Hours
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Welcome to Parley's Park Elementary School

Park Record Spelling Bee Qualifier Test

Qualification Bee Test Centers on April 23rd:
Ecker Hill International Middle School 6th/7th 8:00 AM
Jeremy Ranch Elementary School 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th 3:15 PM
McPolin Elementary School 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th 3:15 PM
North Summit 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th/7th 2:30 PM
Old Mill Elementary School 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th/7th 3:45 PM
Park City Day School 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th/7th 3:45 PM
Parley’s Park Elementary School 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th 3:15 PM
North Summit Elementary School 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th/7th 2:15 PM
South Summit Elementary School 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th/7th 8:00 AM
Trailside Elementary School 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th 3:15 PM
Weilenmann School 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th/7th 3:15 PM

Make-up Qualification Bee Test on April 24th:
Parley’s Park Elementary School 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th/7th 3:45 PM

      • Students must have a valid excuse for missing the testing times on Wednesday, such as being out of town or ill. Students who want to do the make-up test need to contact their school bee coordinator to register.

Public Meeting for the SR-224 Pedestrian Crossing


Parley's first Used Book Fair will debut on Wed 5/7 and Thurs 5/8 from 3-5:30. 4th graders will primarily run the show with a handful of parent volunteers. Please save your books for us - all types accepted! Drop off times will be: Fri 5/2, 12:30-3, Mon 5/5, 3-5:30 and Tues 5/6, 4-6. Somebody will be present to give you a voucher(s) for your bag or box. All books will be collected on the gym stage. (contact Mary at if you have questions)

KINDERGARTEN Orientation/Registration for 2014-15 school year

When: April 24th
What Time: 3:45
Where: Gym at Parley’s Park

At this orientation we will present you with all the information you will need for the upcoming kindergarten school year. We will also have you sign up for a time for your student to be tested. Those dates will be May 14th & 15th

The kindergarten program this year will be back to a traditional half day
kindergarten model. This means that we will have an AM half-day class, PM half-day class and 2 full day classes (4 sessions in all with about 23 students in each session).

The full day classes will be held from 8:10 to 3:05. The full day classes are for students who are at risk. The students that will be selected for the full day classes will be based on the testing information we gather on May 14th & 15th

For more information or clarification please email Mr. Gomez at

Orientación para KINDERGARTEN /Inscripciones para el Año Escolar 2014-15

Cuando: 24 de Abril, 2014
Hora: 3:45 p.m.
Donde: Gimnasio de Parley's Park
Durante esta orientación, recibirá toda la información que usted necesitará para Kindergarten el próximo año escolar. También se le pedirá que anote el nombre de su niño(a) en una lista con la hora que mas le convenga para que el ó ella tome una prueba de conocimiento. Las pruebas se darán a los futuros alumnos los días 14 y 15 de mayo, 2014
El programa de Jardín Infantíl ó de Kindergarten, como prefiera llamarlo, empezará el próximo año con el horario tradicional de sólo medio día. Esto significa que tendremos una clase de Kindergarten en la mañana, otra en la tarde y dos clases con horario de todo el día. En otras palabras, habrá 4 clases de 26 alumnos apróximadamente.
Los niños que califiquen para venir a clase todo el día, su horario de clase será de 8:10 am a 3:05 pm. Estas clases son específicamente para aquellos niños que necesitarán apoyo académico adicional. Los alumnos que califiquen para venir todo el día serán seleccionados basandonos en sus resultados de la prueba que se les dará el 14 y el 15 de mayo.
Para mayor información ó si tiene preguntas por favor comuníquese con el Director, el Señor Gomez al correo electrónico ó llámelo al número 435.645.5620

2014-2015 School Calendar

School Community Council Meeting Agenda 4-25-14

SCC Agenda
April 25, 2014
12:00-2:00 p.m.
Parley’s Park Elementary, Conference Room


Approve minutes

Complete School Improvement Plan (SIP)

Complete election process



Dual Language Immersion

We have an excellent elementary DLI program and we need to build on this into the Middle and High School. We have excellent traditional elementary and secondary programs.

To ensure the best DLI and Traditional 6th Grade Learning Environment in Park City School District that is well designed with specific measures to continually make the program better for upcoming grades.
To effectively communicate to all PCSD Stakeholders (students, teachers, principals, district personnel, parents/ guardians, community)

DLI Update 3-11-11
Dual Language Talking Points
DLI Temas a Tratar
Task Force Agenda, March 10 Meeting

Programa de Inmersión Bilingüe- DLI Temas a Tratar

Registration for New incoming students 2014-15

Registration for new incoming students (all grades)
Starts: Wednesday, April 23rd 2014
From 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Recent News

Parley's Park Dual Immersion program is recognized

Parley's Park Dual Immersion program is presented with a certificate from the International Spanish Academics Program (ISA)
Park Record Article on Parley's Park recognition


Report Card Information

End of T1: Friday, November 15th 2013
Report cards go home on: Monday, November 25
Office will lock grades (4th & 5th grade): Friday, November 22nd @ 2:00 pm.

End of T2: Friday, March 7th 2014
Report cards go home on: Monday, March 17th 2014
Office will lock grades (4th & 5th grade): Friday, March 14th 2014 @ 2:00 pm.

End of T3: Friday, June 5th 2014
Report cards go home on: Thursday, June 5th 2014

Office will lock grades (4th & 5th grade): Wednesday, June 4th 2014 @ 2:00 pm.


Dual Immersion Information

Dual Immersion District Information

Registration documents for the 2013-14 school year will be available after the registration meeting on Tuesday February 12,2013. The meeting will be at Ecker Hill Middle School at 7pm. The state model, registration, the lottery process and the wait list will be explained in detail. The application deadline is March 8, 2013.


Parley's Park Back to School Packet

Click below to download the Back to School Packet 2013-14
Back to School Packet 2013-14


Specialist Calendar and ABC Calendar

Click below to download the Specialist Calendar and the ABC 2nd grade Specialist Calendar
Specialist Calendar 2013 - 14
2nd grade ABC Specialist Calendar


NEW Parking arrangements for 2013-14

All staff members will be asked to park in the back parking lots only. These lots are the ones that are by our playground behind the school.

All visitors to PPES will need to use the front parking lot and enter through the front doors. These front doors will be the only access to our building throughout the day. Please DO NOT use the back parking lot as pick up or drop off for any students.


Parent Letter - Welcome to School Year 2013/2014!‬‬‬

‪Dear Parents—‬‬‬‬‬‬

‪Welcome to School Year 2013/2014!‬‬‬‬‬‬
Click below to download the Parent letter
Parent Letter